Chapter 11

Dave ran through the house looking for his mother.

He could feel his feet squelching in the cooled blood that had soaked into the carpet.

Everywhere he looked he could see all shades of crimson; it was smeared over the walls, all over the furniture and all over the woodwork.

What the hell happened, how could he have slept through all this?

The place was trashed, how could he not hear a thing last night?

He ran to his mother's room, it was empty. All that remained was the aftermath of what ever happened last night. Her TV was on the floor, broken. What little personal items she owned were scattered around the room. Her bed was dark red, it had what looked to be a puddle of blood in the middle of it, so much that the bed and sunken a little in the centre.

Dave left his mother’s room to check everywhere else in the house. She was nowhere to be seen. Whatever or whoever had made all this mess had taken her with it. Or what was left of her, how could she even still be alive in she had lost so much blood? Dave dropped to his knees, struggling to breath in a state of shock and fear. He was shaking, he vomited on the floor.

Then, he began to cry.

A couple of hours passed. Dave was taken from the house to the police station. They had checked him out in the back of an ambulance to make sure that he had no wounds. He explained that nothing happened to him, he woke up and it was already over. Whatever took his mum didn’t touch him. Regardless of Dave’s explanation, the paramedics checked him over anyway.

“Hello again, Dave.” Officer Stephens uttered as he sat down.

Officer Sidekick Trainee was nowhere to be seen. Stephens had a new partner who didn’t introduce himself or say anything, he just sat there, watching. Dave chose to ignore him, he assumed that this guy just had to be there for some legal reason or something like that.

“Hi,” Dave mumbled.

“So, how are you feeling?” Officer Stephens asked.

“I’ve been better,” Dave answered.

“Yeah, I’ll bet.” This almost sounded sarcastic to Dave. “So,” Officer Stephens continued, “would you care to tell me what happened last night?”

“I . . . I don’t know,” Dave said, his voice quivering as he spoke.

“Come on, Dave, how could you not know, you were there weren’t you? The house can’t end up like that without you noticing!”

“No, I was asleep.”

“Asleep? You expect me to believe that you slept right through while someone trashed your house and did whatever they did in there last night. The place was an abattoir!”

Yes,” Dave shouted back. “I hadn’t slept in weeks. I took some sleeping pills last night, I slept right through till morning, and I didn’t hear a bloody thing.”

“Right, ok, so let’s say you did sleep right through from these sleeping pills, where did you get them from might I ask?”

“I got them from the doctor. I haven’t been able to sleep since . . . you know . . . what happened to Lisa, so the doctor gave me pills.”

Officer Stephens jumped at this. “No. We still don’t know what happened to Lisa do we? All we know is that now your mother is off to join her, wherever she has run off to. And the only person who seems to know anything is you, Dave.”

“No, I don’t, I didn’t hear anything—”

"—this time. You didn’t hear anything this time.” Officer Stephens interrupted "You heard the screaming the first time, remember?”

“Yes, I mean, I didn’t hear anything this time. The sleeping pills must have knocked me out.” Dave knew this guy didn’t believe him, he knew that he was going to be the number one suspect for his mother's murder.

The questioning carried on for a long time and Dave didn’t have much to answer as he genuinely had slept through what ever had happened last night. A few of the questions got repeated almost as though the police were trying to catch him out, to see if his answer this time was different from the last. Unfortunately, Dave couldn’t be any help at all to the police. His answers never changed, they were a compilation of 'I don’t know' and 'I’m not sure'. Then he was left with the old clichés of 'ok, we’ll be in touch soon for more questioning' and 'make sure to don’t go anywhere as we will want to get hold of you.'